Symptoms of the Menopause


How To Survive The Symptoms of The Menopause

"The Scientifically-Proven Menopause Remedies Your Doctor Won't Tell You About...”

How to effortlessly shut down the hot flashes... the night sweats... the irritability... and the endless list of nagging symptoms before they have a chance to ignite...

You don't have to needlessly suffer... or rely on drugs you aren't convinced are safe... There are both natural and traditional options well-grounded in science most women aren't being told about to offer immediate relief...

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Inside you will discover

thesymptomsofthemenopauseIs hormone replacement therapy really safe? The shocking truth about the dangers and the surprising rewards.

thesymptomsofthemenopauseWhy intense pressure limits your doctor to one treatment option... bypassing safe, effective, and natural alternatives.

thesymptomsofthemenopauseThe simple exercise you can use at work, in the car, or on the run to reduce hot flashes by astonishing 50%.

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 Symptoms Of The Menopause

How to eliminate the burning hot flashes... sudden mood swings... thinning hair line... sizzling night sweats... unbearable insomnia...

...and restore your lost youth.

You can end the nagging symptoms without
high-risk drugs... pseudo "miracle herbs"... or
time-consuming trial-and-error...

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symptoms of the menopauseThe Hormone replacement controversy demystified no scare tactics, no myths, no hidden agendas… just the facts from ALL of the studies available put in plain English. Finally, the information to make the best decision for YOU.

symptoms of the menopauseA surprising source of symptoms… why the SINGLE BIGGEST cause of discomfort has nothing to do with a sudden reduction in hormones… and a lot more to do with factors you can control once you know the secrets of how.

symptoms of the menopauseThe east-turned-west “mindshift”… how to transform the burden of menopause into a spiritual, physical, and emotional reawakening. When you embrace this wisdom... stress, worry and anxiety of a normal person vanish.

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From the Desk of:  Faye Finlay

Dear Friend,

It can all be so much...

All your life...

You've cooked...

You've cleaned...

You've nurtured...

... and you've loved.

Now... suddenly... with little warning it sneaks up on you... like running into a brick wall.

Your Body Changes... Your Role As A Mother
Shifts... Your Life Is Never The Same Again.

What are we talking about? 

The "big change"... menopause, of course...

...when your menstrual cycle soon stops... your hormone production slows to a screeching halt... and the days of carrying new life into the world are at an end.

For many women it's a wake-up call.

A Reminder of A Life Lived and The New One Ahead.

Your kids... who it seems like just yesterday were cuddled-up in your arms... are growing-up, moving-out, and onto create families of their own.

The cycle of life hits home.  Worry, anxiety, and stress due to impotency come with it.

For a few lucky women, symptoms are minor.  They get by well-enough.

But, for the majority, menopause feels downright frustrating.

The hot flashes... irritability... insomnia... mood swings... vaginal dryness... loss of libido... urinary incontinence... headaches... and the list seems to never end.

Added Together, It Can Feel Like A Total Body Breakdown...
Nothing Is Ever In Complete Working Order.

Your work life, your personal life, and your romantic life are put on hold.

Sound sleep becomes more difficult, even near impossible to get.

This is what leads many women to head to the doctor...

...and, in turn, he typically prescribes hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

Many women see it as a godsend.  It works wonders.  But, at the same time, the risks are well-known.

In the back of your mind... you know the well-established increased risks of cancer... stroke... and heart-disease.

You might have even experienced the personal toll first-hand with a friend who developed breast cancer while on it.

Or, because of risk factors, you can't use them at all.

Whatever side of the fence you come down on, one thing's for sure...

Something Has Got To Give...

Hi.  My name is Faye Finlay.  For years, I've worked with nurses, patients, and doctors as a medical professional.

For as long as l can remember, I've been interested in healing and in college I majored in health sciences.

Today, my friends know me as "Health reporter Faye"... because, whenever they have a health question, they know I'll research the most credible sources and uncover the best information.

Kind of like the "in house" doctor... only without the confusing "medical mumbo-jumbo" you need a dictionary and an encyclopedia to translate.

More recently, as my friends and I have gotten older... the issue of the day has been pesky... even downright horrifying "menopause misery."

"Horrifying" because of the untimely hot flashes... the repeat night sweats... the slow down of any kind of love life... and the inability to fall asleep adds-up.

You never know when they're going to pop-up... at the worse time... and interrupt your day (or sleep).

Heck, At Times, The "Not Knowing" Of It All
Almost Makes You Feel Like You're Dying.

At least, that's how it felt  for one my friends, Marie. 

You see, one day Marie came over to my house for a "girls night-in."  And, as usual, we got to chatting.

She told me about how she had gone to the doctor... hoping to discuss all of her options for treating her menopause symptoms. 

But, wound-up walking out with just one instead...

It Was Synthetic Hormones Or Nothing.

After all, it makes sense that if your hormone levels fall... the "fix" is to add more.

However, Marie was worried.  She had heard about the studies.  And, well, she couldn't put how she was feeling into words. 

She trusted her doctor... but she still didn't feel comfortable.  Something felt "off."  Something amiss.

She didn't know who else to turn to... it seemed like every book... every friend, even popular TV talk show hosts had their own opinions...

... often motivated by reasons other than wanting to help.


Beyond The Myths... The Hype...  The Flat-Out Misinformation...
What Does The Science Say About The Best Treatments?

While I did know a thing or two... it's not in my nature to shoot off and give advice without knowing ALL of the facts.

So, I told her I would research it.  Not just about HRT, but what are the natural alternatives out there?

Are there any supplements that work... or is it just all flat-out snake oil?

Well, it wasn't easy.  Fact is, there are some good books about what menopause is... but,...

Few IF ANY Books Go Into Detail About The Best
All-Natural and Conventional Treatments Out There.

So, I began looking at the studies.  In every medical journal available.

What does the science say?

The answers were BOTH bone-chilling... and awe inspiring.
It left me with one BIG question...

"Why Don't ALL Women Know These Secrets To
Gain Immediate Natural Menopause Relief?”

Secrets like:

symptoms of the menopauseThe seeming "supernatural" herb used by Native Americans to treat symptoms for hundreds of years – now proven to work wonders in four modern studies – it's never failed.

symptoms of the menopause3 common hot flash trigger foods… and the ONE super ingredient to put symptoms to bed before they even have a chance to ignite.

symptoms of the menopauseTwo surprising sources of sleep-activating tryptophan guaranteed to put you to bed in a flash…and other surprising foods you must avoid to leave insomnia to all but a memory.

symptoms of the menopauseThe potent wonder supplement that not only shows promise for eliminating your menopause miseries, but warding off cancer as well.

symptoms of the menopauseYour bone health turning-point… the all-natural supplements proven to banish osteoporosis risk with the consistency of the best of big pharma, but without the dangerous side-effects.

symptoms of the menopauseTwo popular natural supplements with dismal results in medical studies and the reason they may still be worthwhile after-all.  

symptoms of the menopauseThe fatty acid essential for regulating your mood and casting depression out of your life. Plus, the mouth-watering foods to incorporate in your diet to ensure you get enough.

WHY Your Doctor May Not Tell You About All Of Your Options...

It's not your doctors fault he or she doesn't have time for you.

A doctor may have to see a minimum of 25-35 patients each day to keep the lights on!  That's as much as 3-4 patients an hour.

Depending on expenses and salaries, this number may be MUCH higher.

With a schedule like this, he or she simply doesn't have time to do anything other than quickly "diagnose and prescribe."
The information was stunning.

And, in truth, I knew the answer why women aren't hearing this information.

Don't get me wrong.  I love doctors.  They have a distinct area of expertise.

But, I also know the medical system we all live with.

There just isn't the time in the day... nor, the training to look into alternative treatments like maybe we should.

With every wonder alternative, there are many more that just don't pan-out.

Fact is, health care is a business... where the drugs backed-up with expensive studies and marketing are the ones that are sold.

Unfortunately... this means...

Safe, Natural, and Effective Alternatives Don't Get In The
Hands of The Women Who Want Them and Need Them...

So, what was I to do?

I started by sharing what I found with my friend Marie.  She was thrilled.  Finally, she had safe and effective alternatives to HRT.

She told all of our other friends... and while not all of them went the all-natural route... it made them feel more confident about their chosen conventional approaches.

No longer were they just trusting the doctors' advice.  But, they had an understanding of what the science said for themselves.

The gift of total peace of mind.

Faye helped me to become aware of all the options available to me to deal with my menopause symptoms.I used to suffer in silence but now I have been liberated from my "suffering"
Tracy Brazier

And you know what else?

Helping my friends like this made me feel good.  I also saw the need.  And it made me wonder...

How Many Other Women Would
Love To Get This Information?

The result is what I like to call, "The Menopause Survival Guide."

All of the studies... all of the facts... and all of the treatments are covered inside.

It's a balanced review of the science behind the best of BOTH alternative and conventional medicine.

The information women need to know... but just don't hear from the doctor... the latest over-hyped bookstore book... or from the latest infomercial host who only wants to tell you about the latest fad.

What's more, it's simple and easy to understand.  No "Doctor's Jargon" inside.

What I love about the menopause survival guide is how easy it is to read and undersatnd.
Medical jargon was explained in simple language.
Nicole Stevens
New York

You Might Think Of It As Friend-To-Friend Advice... Only All
Of The Remedies Are Backed-Up By Scientific Facts.

It's perfect IF...

... you're on HRT or are thinking about taking them, but aren't convinced about their safety.

... you're dead-set to do it the natural way, but don't know where to begin.

... you're ready-to-test the waters and wean yourself off of drugs, but are scared about the symptoms returning.

In other words,...

You're Sure To Walk Away Smarter, Happier, and More Confident
You're Making The Right Decision For YOUR Body...

After all, you're the one who has to live with consequences...

...not your doctor... not your husband... and not some "expert" with pills to push.

No.  It should be you and you only who should be calling the shots on your body, your health.

Here's just a taste of what you'll uncover inside:

symptoms of the menopauseThe 10 big risk factors you must weigh when undergoing hormone replacement therapy and when the rewards outweigh the costs.

symptoms of the menopauseAre bioidentical hormones the answer? Why the drug companies wish you didn’t know about them… and the vital key to ensure they have a shot at working.

symptoms of the menopauseThe depleted "reserve" of sexual libido every woman has and the keys to recharge it even if romance seems to have vanished from your life.

symptoms of the menopauseEmbarrassing memory lapse? No, you’re not losing your mind. The 3 ways to keep your memory spinning in tip-top shape well into old-age.

symptoms of the menopauseThe SINGLE MOST POWERFUL drug-free way to instantly rejuvenate your body to ward off the worst of the symptoms before they have a chance to ignite.

symptoms of the menopauseWhy weight gain is inevitable, but NOT permanent when you use this dead simple secret to sizzle off the pounds fast.

symptoms of the menopauseThe reason your body odor changes and the two powerful minerals that don't just cover them-up, but eliminate them completely.  Plus, the foods to get enough of them.

symptoms of the menopauseThe embarrassment of urinary incontinence… and the easy exercise health practitioners recommend to keep control of your bladder.

symptoms of the menopauseThe counter-intuitive way to alleviate vaginal dryness by revitalizing blood flow… and other steamy ways to spice up your love life.

symptoms of the menopauseWhy fluctuations in estrogen level cause unpleasant water retention and the power of fiber to put the squeeze on bloating.

Plus much more.  Secrets you won't otherwise find in one central place.

My experience with the book is that it gives both sides of the story of menopause treatments and I was then able to make an informed choice of the method I wished to use.
Olga Martins

Put simply, we're not making the case for one approach at the exclusion of others.  But, it's...

The Quickest, Safest, Most Effective, Double Duo of Natural
and Conventional Menopause Remedies To Give You Instant
Relief Before Nagging Symptoms Ignite.

Listen, you don't have to settle...

Put-up with the hot flashes... the night sweats... the endless list of nagging symptoms.  Nor, do you have to put up with risky drugs you don't feel complete comfort with.

There's a third way... where you take control of your body... your health... your life with the best of all-natural and conventional remedies.

It's your shortcut to..

Regain Days of Long Lost Youth...

You see, when the menopause begins to set-in... it can sometimes be easy to forget what life was like before.

You make do the best you can with what you've got.

...suffering all the way through it.

Even once a week symptoms are too much.

You know, when me and Marie were chatting, there's a statement of hers that stood out...

"The worst part of menopause isn't just the one or two occasional symptoms.  No.

The Worst Of Menopause Is When All Of The Miseries Add-Up...
You Never Know Which Symptoms Will Strike..."

Maybe... you won't be able to fall asleep at night.  You stay-up twisting, turning, desperate for some shut eye.

Or perhaps, it's a sizzling hot flash at the worst possible moment when you're in an important meeting or out with friends.

It may even cause serious problems in your relationship... where you no longer feel comfortable being intimate.  Romance must wait.

Probably the most embarrassing of all is urinary incontinence... where you can no longer trust your bladder to hold.

On top of it all... your metabolism... your memory... your youthful energy slows down. 

It makes you feel, appear just plain old!

We joke about it... but the truth is it takes a toll.  Menopause really isn't something to make light of.

But, what if it didn't have to be this way... where...

You Reverse the Clock On Your Symptoms and Restore
Confidence, Energy, and Predictability To Your Life.

This is exactly what you discover inside The Menopause Survival Guide.


... waking-up feeling rested, full of energy.

... feeling love exuding from once troubled relationships.

...  moving through your day with confidence you can handle any challenge in your way...

... and most important of all...

Feel Like You Belong... As a Woman...
As a Mother... As a Wife.

So, you can get on to your life.  Get on with your day. 

You deserve to feel great about menopause... not just survive it or "Make do."

Besides, you just don't have time to suffer.

Moreover, you should feel comfortable about what you put in your body... because you know ALL of the science and facts.

And this exactly what I set-out to provide inside "The Menopause Survival Guide." 

Information every woman should know about, but normally suffers without.

What's more, I wanted to keep your Menopause Survival Guide affordable.  So, as many women as possible could get there hands on it.

This Is Why Your Investment Is A Bargain.

In fact, compared to your other options it's...

 ... less than a $150.00 doctors visit that only lasts 15 minutes

... less than $360.00 in co-pays for drugs you are able to replace with natural options.

... less than $500.00 for a couple hours of consultation with a naturopathic doctor (N.D.) who's an expert at alternative therapies.

Heck, it's less than lunch and a movie with your friends... only $29.97. An investment returned in restored health, youth, and confidence.

You get your life back.

And,as a fast action bonus, for a limited time only, I'll throw in another 37 page ebook on dealing with the menopause worth another $29.97

I thought the end of my life had come,I had aches and pains,was very irritable towards my family and friends.I believed I would never get better until I purchased this ebook and I put into practice the suggestions.
Elizabeth Smith

What's more, it's the only and last menopause guide you will ever need...  with access to all of the latest studies and science behind both the best of traditional and alternative remedies.

In fact, I am so confident you'll be beyond thrilled with what you discover inside, I also include...

A "Peace of Mind" 60-Day 100%
Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee.


Sound like a deal?

All you've got to do get your copy is click on the link below to place your investment through a secure order form.

After you place your investment, you're ready-to-go.  There's no waiting, no shipping and handling to pay, and no delay at all.

Just point-click-read. 

So, don't wait.  Your investment is risk-free. 

Don't put up with the uncertainty, the frustration, the nagging symptoms for one more minute.

Just follow the step-by-step instructions below to get immediate access...


symptoms of the menopauseYes, Faye! I want nip nagging symptoms in the bud and gain immediate natural relief. 

I understand...


symptoms of the menopauseI am getting the very best of both conventional and all-natural menopause remedies so I can make the best decision for my body. 


symptoms of the menopauseI am gaining the secrets to vanquish hot flashes, weight gain, urinary incontinence, irritability, mood swings, night sweats, migraines, depression, and the endless list menopause miseries.

symptoms of the menopauseI am about to reverse the clock on nagging symptoms and restore feelings of long lost youth, confidence, and energy.

symptoms of the menopauseI won't find this wide-breadth of menopause wisdom in one place... and without the hype, the hidden agendas, or confusing jargon.

symptoms of the menopauseMy copy of The Menopause Survival Guide is risk-free for 60-days with an ironclad money-back guarantee.  This means I am really just making decision to "try-out" my guide to see if we're a fit.

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Symptoms of the Menopause




To Your Success,

symptoms of the menopause

Faye Finlay

P.S. You don't have time to feel lousy.  This is the guide every woman who faces menopause needs to survive and thrive... all without the "Doctor's jargon," the faulty theory, and the hidden agendas. It's the very best all-natural and conventional remedies all in one place. 

Sounds Great Faye, Let's Get Started.

P.P.S. Finally, a sane look at hormone replacement therapy.  No scare tactics, no myths, no over-the-top bias... just the scientific facts so you can make the best decision right for YOUR body.

After all, bless their hearts, it's easy for a male doctor to tell you if you should or shouldn't take artificial hormones... they NEVER have to experience any of the symptoms (or risks).  The decision is easy for them. 

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